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DAC40840039 XGB 40492 S01 P front wheel bearings parts accessories for RENAULT Laguna



Price:US 1.00


Supply Ability:0/pieces per Month




DAC40840039 XGB 40492 S01 P front wheel bearings parts accessories for RENAULT Laguna  

Rodamiento de rueda (balero doble,rodaje ruleman cojinete) auto partes repuestos







Seal Type:


OPEN, 2RS, ZZ and ABS seals are all available. 




1. Material: chrome steel, GCr15, or as required

2. ISO/TS 16949
3. Metric series, Inch series
4. OEM service

5. Various items available

6. High quality and absolutely competitive price,

7. small order quantity available

8. Customers drawings or samples accepted

9. Package: White Box(Kraft or Colorful)

  •  Pallet(Wooden or Iron)
  • accroding to Customers requirements


Absolutely competitive offer will be presented for your reference. 

Los precios más competitivos serán ofrecidos para tí. 





More information are available when required./ Mas informacion son disponibles si necesita. 


Car front and rear wheel hub bearings assembly
For American, Japanese and European cars

1st generation wheel hub units --- wheel bearings

2ed generation  wheel hub units --- wheel bearings with flange

3rd genteration wheel hub units --- wheel hub units with ABS sensor


Wheel bearings and wheel hub bearings assembly application for reference:


HYUNDAIAccent Atos Rio II Getz Lantra IIDAC 38700037BAHB 636193 C
HYUNDAIAccentDAC 3870003838 BWD 21
HYUNDAIElantra 1.6 Cerato 1.5DAC 397434/36396418
HYUNDAIStrarexDAC 40804546T080805
HYUNDAIStrarexDAC 408045/44 46T0805CS70
HYUNDAIElantra Coupe SonataDAC 428036/34BAH-0117
HYUNDAISanta Fe Kia  SonataDAC 45840041/3945 BWD 03
HYUNDAITrajet 2.0 Kia MegantisDAC 45870041/39H 0056
ISUZUIsuzu D max arka '02   8 97216797 1DAC 4280003842 KWD 08
IVECODailyDAC 40730055BTH-1024
IVECODailyDAC 55900060BTH-1011
KIASportage SorentoDAC 42760039JRM 4249
LADALadaDAC 30600037BA2B 633313 C
LADALadaDAC 34640037309726  DA
LANCIADelta (831) R86   PrismaDAC 35680037GB-12132
LANCIADelta (831)   Prisma , R86DAC 35720028GB 10840 S02
MAZDA626 II 929 IIDAC 39680037BAHB 311315 BD
MAZDA323       B455 33 047BDAC 4074004040 BWD 06
MAZDAMazda onDAC 4272003842 KWD 02
MAZDAMazda 626  yeni model onDAC 4280004542 BWD 11
MAZDATributeDAC 42750045BAH-0069
MERCEDES BENZClasse A (W168)   VaneoDAC 25550043FC 12271 S04
MERCEDES BENZE serisiDAC 49840043VKBA 1347
MERCEDES BENZSprinterDAC 49840048BAHB 329129
MERCEDES BENZVitoDAC 50920051805190
MERCEDES BENZ140 210 215 220 SLK DAC 49880046BTH-1019
MITSUBISHIMirage Van VagonDAC 407436/3440 BWD 16
MITSUBISHICarismaDAC 408036/3440 BWD 07
MITSUBISHILancerDAC 40800040AU0822
NISSANLoganDAC 25520037-RFC 40570 S06
NISSANKubistar (X76)DAC 25550043FC 12271 S05
NISSANSunnyDAC 27520045/4327 KWD 02
NISSANMicra   40210 34B00DAC 356833/3035 BWD 07
NISSANSunny '86 '90   40210 05Y05   40210 50A00 ve 05DAC 3874005038 BWD 06
NISSANNissan   40210 4M400DAC 4074003640 BWD 15
NISSANSunnyDAC 4272003842 KWD 02
NISSANNissan Datsun '01, Elgrand, Frontier   43210 VE000DAC 4280003842 KWD 08
NISSANNissan Primera    40210 2Y000  DAC 4376004343 BWD 12
NISSANInterstar   Interstar FaceliftDAC 48800045,3FC 40096 S05
NISSANSunny 4X4DAC 42720038/3546T080704X
NISSANPrimeraDAC 42760038/35 
OPELAgilaDAC 25520042805233
OPELCorsa CDAC 27530043FC 40650
OPELAscona C F,Astra F Corsa ADAC 34640037309726  DA
OPELAstra F Corsa A B Combo 1.4 1.6 1.7DDAC 34660037BAHB 636114 A
OPELCorsa C Combo Meriva TigraDAC 34670037803775
OPELAgilaDAC 35618040AU0706
OPELOmega A B  Vectra A BDAC 37740045309946  AC
OPELCorsa DDAC 387236,97BAH-0055 AAX
OPELAscona C Astra F Corsa C Vectra A MerivaDAC 39720037BAHB 311396 B
OPELMovanoDAC 48800045,3FC 40096 S05
OPELMovanoDAC 49840048 BAHB 329129
PEUGEOT106 (S1) (S2)   205   205 (741)   206 (T1)   206 SW   306 (N3)   306 II (N5)   309   309 II   1007DAC 25520037FC 12025 S09
PEUGEOT106DAC 25560032BAH-5000
PEUGEOT307   307 RestylingDAC 25600045BTH-1209
PEUGEOT308  Y.MDAC 30620051FC 41394
PEUGEOT106    1.1 1.3 1.4 1.6DAC 35660032BAH-5001
PEUGEOT106 206 306DAC 37720033BAH-0051 B
PEUGEOT207 307 308 PartnerDAC 42820036BAH-0186
PEUGEOT206 305 406 PartnerDAC 42820036BAH-0185
PEUGEOTBoxer      02>  2.0Hdi 2.5Hdi  2.8HdiDAC 55900060BTH-1011
PEUGEOTJ9 DAC 5510056/42.5441026
PEUGEOT207 307DAC 30620048FC 41645 
RENAULTClio I Phase 1&2, 3 Clio II,  Megane 1, 2 Megane Classic Phase 1, 2 Modus R9  R11  R19  TwingoDAC 25520037-RFC 40570 S06
RENAULTR9   R11DAC 25520037FC 12025 S09
RENAULTR21 (X48)   Express I, II   Extra MK I   RapidDAC 25520043FC 12180 S04
RENAULTKangoo   Kangoo FL   Laguna Phase 1, 2 (B56)   Express I, II   Extra MK I, II   Rapid I, II DAC 25550043FC 12271 S03
RENAULTClio III   Megane II   ModusDAC 25550045FC 40858 S03
RENAULTMegane I Scenic Phase 2   Megane Phase 2DAC 25620048FC 40725
RENAULTClio I Phase 1&2, 3   Clio II, II Facelift   R9   R11   R19   Express I, II   Super 5   Thalia   Twingo (X65)   Extra MKDAC 35650035GB 12438 S20P
RENAULTR 19 21 Manager Express Megane I Clio Sembol Diz.DAC 37720037BAH-0012 AD
RENAULTMegane IIDAC 387236,97BAH-0055 AAX
RENAULTConcorde Spider EspaceDAC 401080032/17TGB 10872 S02
RENAULTEspace II 4x4DAC 40800038GB 10800
RENAULTAlpine A610   Alpine V6 GTA   Laguna Nevada Phase 1 (K56)   Laguna Phase 1 (B56)   Megane Phase 1   Megane Scenic (JA FA)   Safrane   Extra MK IIDAC 40840038GB 40250
RENAULTMaster MascotDAC 48800045,3FC 40096 S05
RENAULTMaster IIDAC 49840048 BAHB 329129
RENAULTLaguna, MeganeDAC 40760033/28539166 AB
RENAULTLaguna DAC 40840039XGB 40492 S01 P
RENAULTTraffic IIDAC 3568004840772
RENAULT DAC 40760033/28539166
RENAULTMegane II Scenic II DAC 25550048FC 41288
ROVERRover 800 arka   RLB10002DAC 3468004234 BWD 07
ROVERRover 200 on   RUD10002  GHK1400DAC 407641/3840 BWD 05
ROVERRover 400DAC 43790041/3843 BWD 08
SEATIbiza I   Malaga   Ritmo   RondaDAC 35680037GB-12132
SKODAFavorit   Felicia   FormanDAC 35680037GB-12132
SUZUKIMini busDAC 2858004228 BWD 03
SUZUKISwift Ignis Wagon R DAC 35618040 AU0706
SUZUKISuzuki Vitara on  '90 '94   09269 41001DAC 416840/3541 KWD 01
SUZUKIAlto II Swift IIDAC 36680033VKBA 3714
SUZUKISwiftDAC 2858004428 BWD 05
SUZUKISwiftDAC 407236/33DAC 4072CS34
SUBARUSubaruDAC 38650052/48AU-0827
TOYOTAToyota Corolla 1,3   1,6 ithal arka '83 '92  90369 28005DAC 2861004228 BWD 01
TOYOTAToyota Camry, Celica,Corona arka '83 '93 90369 30043DAC 3063004330 BWD 01
TOYOTAToyota Celica '90,  Cressida 2,0 DOHC 90369 32003DAC 3272004532 BWD 05
TOYOTAToyota   90369 35030DAC 356833/3035 BWD 07
TOYOTATercel 1.5 4wdDAC 35720033/31VKBA 1343
TOYOTAToyota yerli yeni model   90369 38005DAC 387133/3038 BWD 09
TOYOTAToyota Corolla 1.3 , 1.6  '87 '94   90369 38016DAC 38720036/3338 BWD 12
TOYOTAToyota Corolla1.6,Corona2.0 , RAV4 on '84 '94 90369 DAC 387436/3438 BWD 01
TOYOTAToyota Avensis arka   90080 36087DAC 4074004240 BWD 12
TOYOTAToyota Cressida arka   90369 43006DAC 43800050/4543 BWD 03
TOYOTALexus SupraDAC 35770042DAC3577W3CS80
TOYOTAToyota CorollaDAC 3871003938 BWD 22
TOYOTAYaris Y.M   90363 W0005DAC 4075003940 BWD 17
TOYOTAToyota 90369 43008DAC 43820045 
VOLVO440   460   480DAC 35680037GB-12132
VWDerby Polo  1.1 1.3DAC 34620037BAHB 311316 B
VWCady Golf I II Jetta IDAC 34640037309726  DA
VWGolf II Polo Lupo ArosaDAC 35660037BAH-0023
VWCaddy Pick upDAC 35680037GB-12132
VW80 90 Golf II III PassatDAC 39680037 BAHB 311315 BD
VW80 A4 A6 Passat SuperBDAC 397537BAHB 633815 AA
VWCordoba Ibiza II Polo Toledo Caddy II Golf II III IVDAC 40720037BAHB 311443 B
VW100 200  1.8 1.9 2.2 2.3DAC 42820037BAHB 311413 A
VW80 90 100 A4 A6 A8 SuperB PassatDAC 43/45820037BAH-0011
VWSharanDAC 43800038579943
VWTransporter IVDAC 45800045564725
VWLT 28 35  28 46DAC 49840048BAHB 329129





Quick Details
Place Of Origin:
Zhejiang China (mainland)
Model Number:
Dac40840039 Xgb 40492 S01 P
Brand Name:
Customers' Brands
Chrome Steel Gcr15
Renault Laguna Megane
Car Make:
Renault Laguna Megane
Oe No.:
Dac40840039 Xgb40492s01p
Precision Rating:
P0 P6 P5 P4 Z1 Z2 Z3
Quality System Certificate:
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